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REFORAC Acrylic Foam Tape is a revolutionary double-sided tape with the highest adhesion properties that ensures durable and invisible long-term bonding. It’s an excellent alternative for screws, rivets and spot welds, with a higher performance then sealants in combination with temporary holders like PVC/PE tapes. REFORAC tapes ensure a very high initial tack, while enduring visco elasticity in the most extreme weather conditions. Moreover the choice for tapes improves your productivity and reduces production costs.

You can move windows, displays, solar panels, etc. the same day without any problem. Whereas with sealants you have to wait for them to cure. Count your profit! The REFORAC bonding tapes have the best performance on glass and metal and even bond to difficult substrates such as natural stone and granite. You can also buy bonding tapes in our webshop!

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