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Reforac UPPER BOND 7200G (grijs) – 2mm x 12mm x 16,5m

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Reforac UPPER BOND acrylic foam tapes deliver the best quality and performance for the most demanding industrial applications where durable structural adhesion is required. Reforac UPPER BOND tapes replace mechanical fastening systems and structural silicone sealants, in structural glazing applications for example.

Reforac UPPER BOND tapes have an excellent loadbearing capacity in static and dynamic applications that are exposed to demanding climate conditions over long periods. The tapes have been tested, and came out best in a bomb explosion test*, and can withstand both high and low temperatures ranging from a minimum of -40 °C to a maximum of +160 °C, and even up to +250 °C. The tapes are resistant to the effects of UV light and very resistant to chemicals, moisture and humidity. Reforac UPPER BOND tapes are manufactured in accordance with TS 16949 quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001; Statistical Process Control is used during the production process.

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Upper Bond acrylate foam tape. Structural bonding tape for the best performance. Proven, durable, superior adhesion. Approved for structural glazing and explosionproof glass. Approved by the automotive industry.


Safety Data Sheet
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Weight 0.5 kg

2 mm (thickness) x 12 mm (width) x 16.5 m (length)


Replaces mechanical fastening systems. Replaces structural silicone sealants, MS Polymers, and other adhesives. Very high initial tack, No VOCs.
Suitable for BREEAM.
Excellent resistance against UV light and ageing.
Better results due to superior adhesion and improved aesthetics.
Longer lifespan due to the durable properties and resistance to the most extreme (weather) conditions and UV light.
Lower costs due to the rapid initial tack, which leads to shorter process and turnaround times.
Lower costs due to quick and easy assembly with fewer reworks, resulting in lower labour costs.


VOS value of 0;
Best in test in a bomb explosion test (ISO16933);
UL 746 C approved, exceeding the requirements for frame bonding;
Exposure for 2000 hours* (twice as long as required by IEC 61215);
Dynamic shear in accordance with ASTM D 1002. 180º peel adhesion in accordance with ASTM D 3330;
Pull adhesion in accordance with ASTM D 897.


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