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Reforac supplies leading companies in construction, structural glazing, display and sign, solar, automotive and yacht and aerospace industries for bonding, mounting and fixing applications for the most advanced engineering technologies.

We can provide you recommendations of our satisfied clients all over the world. Reforac products are applied in several prestigious projects like the reconstruction of Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol Airport and hospitals, the installation of structural glazing at the Radisson Blu Hotel near Zurich airport and Ramada Hotel, the construction of busses, mounting displays of JC Decaux and many other structural glazing and bonding projects.


SCHIPHOL, Silicone 933

Challenge: non-stop application of a durable premium weather sealant under pressure of time and extreme demanding conditions and very high temperatures.

Project: Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol – Between Pier E and F
Product: 933

The challenge for Schiphol was to rebuild and extend the terminal, while operate the business at the same level of service, 24/7, without any inconvenience for passengers and employees. Therefore, the quickest possible processing time, the highest level of security and a durable affordable seal were critical requirements in this project.


To meet this challenge and do it right the first time, Silicone 933 was applied to seal the glazing joints. This durable premium quality product can be applied from 5 up to 50 °C without any problem or delay. Silicone 933 has a low VOC, contains no oxim and is environmentally friendly and safe to apply. The best choice when reduction of time and costs are needed for a durable guaranteed 25 year maintenance-free seal.

This challenge was realised by a highly dynamic, demanding and effective operation of (sub) contractors and experts with the highest clearance. Sealed by Akar Voegafdichtingen bv, Duivendrecht.


310 ml cartridges, 25/box
600 ml sausages, 12/box
Available in any colour on demand, also in white, green, red, aluminium, yellow.

REFORAC 933 complies with the following specifications:

  • ISO 11600 F-25 LM
  • UNE 53622
  • UNE 85232 Class E
  • DIN 18540 part 2
  • DIN 18545 part 2 Class E
  • TT-S 0015413 A, Class A: 50%

TORRE CAJA (Madrid, Spain), Silicone 933 + 400

Challenge : best large structural project to seal – 250 meter

Project: Torre Caja – Madrid, Spain (Norman Foster & Partners)
Products: Reforac 933 AND 400 NEUTRAL SILICONE SEALANT

img0The Caja Madrid Tower (The Tower of the Bank of Madrid), is located at the complex called CTBA (Four Towers Business Area) of Madrid, is the tallest skyscraper in Spain and the fifth in Europe, with a total of 250 meters. The steel structure of the building weighs 11,000 tons, the facade is covered by glass and stainless steel plates in concrete cores. For the sealing and watertightness of the joints between these elements, the following sealants were used: 400 and 933. It has a total of 45 floors and at the top of the building, there is a void space beneath the uppermost section which is designed to locate wind turbines as a possible future innovation.


Challenge: cost effective application of a durable premium weather sealant under extreme demanding conditions and guarantee.

Project: Amsterdam Central Station
Product: 400

The challenge for the city of Amsterdam was to build this huge canopy as a prominent landmark of the capital of The Netherlands for half the usual costs, without compromising on size, stature or maintainability. Moreover the used materials where to be reduced to a minimum and glass or steel was required to be almost 100% recyclable.

To meet this challenge, 400 weather sealant was used because this high quality low modulus neutral silicone sealant is 100% durable resistant to ageing and UV, very environmentally friendly because of it’s low VOC and is guaranteed maintenance-free for more than 25 years. The best and most affordable durable seal for this project.


Length of the canapé is 360 m with a height of 22 meter. The panels are Freeformglass of 3 m x 1,1 m. Weather sealant sealed by Akar Voegafdichtingen bv, Duivendrecht.


310 ml cartridges/25 box
600 ml sausages/12 box
Colours: Black, Translucent
Any RAL number on demand (MOQ 1000 pcs)

REFORAC 400 complies with the following specifications

  • ISO 11600 F-25 LM
  • DIN 18540-F


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