REFORAC is a Dutch manufacturer of high quality technical bonding solutions and sealant systems like structural bonding tapes, durable and weather resistant sealants, adhesives and fire retardant foams.

REFORAC is a company owned by Judith Retera. Judith has over 27 years of experience in development, sales and application of durable sealants and structural glazing tapes.

We supply top companies all over the world in construction, structural glazing, display and sign, solar, automotive, yacht and aerospace industries for bonding, mounting and fixing applications for the most advanced engineering technologies.

REFORAC is ready for any challenge. There is always a solution for trouble free guaranteed bonding and sealing being so close into contact with her lead users. Having such a reliable delivery service the custom-made solution finds her way to the job fast. A happy customer starts with listening and supplying proven superior bonding.

In addition to superior sealing and bonding, REFORAC products also offer the best and most durable applications: do it right the first time! Use pure products that withstand extreme conditions on the long term.

By choosing REFORAC you are not only guaranteed the best quality, you also realize tangible benefits such as lower production costs and faster production process and turnaround times. REFORAC products also have an extremely fast initial adhesion, are easy to use and require less rework.

REFORAC conducts sustainability as one of its core values and seriously aims to contribute to a better environment. REFORAC products last longer and are less harmful to the environment, including products with zero VOC values.

REFORAC offers a wide range of quality products for professional users in Europe, South America, Middle East and has recently made a good move towards the Far East. REFORAC has the right solutions for any technical challenge in construction applications, industrial use, automotive and yachting. REFORAC specialists are always available with professional and free advice to develop customised solutions and help you to improve your line of work. REFORAC stands out for its fast order processing and short delivery times. When it comes to logistics, transport and customs, REFORAC has the right balance, which is essential for the European distribution and worldwide shipments from the warehouse facility near Amsterdam.

Our range covers high performance adhesives including specific adhesives for granite and natural stone, durable sealants for joint sealing, high performance MS Polymers, High tack adhesives, industrial acrylic tapes, such as glazing tape, foam tape, double sided foam tapes, metal bonding tape and invisible tape, PU foams, gun foam and fire retardant pu foam.