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Reforac MS55 Adhesive Sealant 290 ml (black)

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REFORAC MS 55 Adhesive Sealant is a multifunctional, very high quality adhesive and sealant based on MS polymers. Specially developed for fixing elements and bonding most materials in interiors and out in the open. For quick and easy bonding of skirting boards, battens, door thresholds, frames, mirrors and sound-insulating plates.
Reforac MS 55 Adhesive Sealant is particularly suitable for the connection of metal parts in façade construction, as well as flexible bonding applications in the automotive and shipbuilding sectors.

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Particularly suitable for steel construction and air conditioning and air ducts.
Especially suitable for bonding beams, panels, skirting boards, window sills, mirrors, (natural) stone, insulation material, thresholds, lead flashing, EPDM, etc. This product replaces assembly glue, PU glue, Wood glue, acrylic and plastic sealant. For expansion joints, use our expansion joint sealant. Suitable for BREEAM, labels applied include M1, A+, ISEGA, Emicode EC1 Plus.


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Additional information

Weight 0.53 kg

For vertical and horizontal bonding of:
Façade elements, interior construction elements and ceiling elements.
Wall cladding elements and ceiling panels (interior).
Sound insulation panels (such as mineral wool, wood wool cement, plastic foams).
Thermal insulation materials (such as PUR, PIR, PS).
Window frames and frames in building structures.
Wooden and plastic panelling, ornaments, frames.
Sills, window sills, skirting boards and cover mouldings.

For bonding chassis, decorative strips, acoustic or roof lining and most interior finishes, upholstery, carpets, loading floors. Construction adhesive for bodywork and metal seams.
Universal, filling and joint sealant for all connection joints (but not as an expansion joint sealant), seams, cracks and irregularities on practically any surface for the construction sector.
Ship deck seam sealant (teak).
Bodywork (automotive) and metal joint sealant (air ducts), or metal glue (can absorb vibrations).
High-quality glass joint sealant, particularly suitable for burglar-resistant glazing systems (bank glass).
Universal, waterproof, assembly and construction adhesive for bonding stone (non-porous), concrete, mirrors, natural stone, plaster, polycarbonate, etc.
PSPU, PVC, various plastics, ceramic tiles, enamel, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, various metals, HPL and cement fibre plates, paint systems, wood, glass, etc.


Emicode EC1 Plus
A+ French VOS standardisation
Conforms to ISO 11600 F 25 HM

Target group

Façade builders
Panel gluers
Small-sized contractors
Construction companies
Automotive companies
Interior builders
New construction
Non-residential construction

Unique features

Suitable for BREEAM
Excellent resistance against ageing and the effects of UV light.
Suitable for natural stone
Adheres perfectly to most surfaces without primer, even if damp.
Free of isocyanate, phthalate, solvent and silicone
Non-corrosive to metals resistant to (salt and fresh) water, moisture, fungus and chlorine. Good adhesion to almost all building materials, mirrors and glass.
Excellent adhesion to wood, plaster, stone, grease-free glass, enamel, metal, painted surfaces and various plastics.
Permanently elastic, neutral cure.



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