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Reforac Upper Bond Flex foam B2 750 ml

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REFORAC flexible foam 1c – soft foam is a specially-formulated PU foam that, thanks to its elasticity, can absorb the movement of components such as those caused in the long term by temperature fluctuations. The strong adhesive properties of the product prevents cracks forming in corners, thus guaranteeing the temperature and sound insulating properties between components such as window frames and masonry walls. Adding moisture (for wetting) further strengthens the fine cell foam structure of the product. The strict ISO 9001/EN 29001 quality standards apply to the development and manufacture of this product.

  • Window installation (clean and controlled filling and application of insulation layers for windows and roller blind cavities) – Filling holes in door posts; but not standalone as a mechanical fix.
  • Filling cavities in wall breaches for all types of facilities and services.

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Making joints airtight and thermally insulated around frames/windows, between building parts, partitions, ceiling and floor, and penetrations of pipes and pipes through walls and floors. Due to the unique composition of REFORAC flexfoam, it can also be used at low temperatures.


Safety Data Sheet
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Extremely suitable for durable and airtight construction. Permanently elastic.
Strong adhesion
Applicable from -10 °C
Permanently absorbs all movement of components
Fire Class B2 based on DIN 4102-Part 1
Certified sound insulation
Certified airtightness
Non-adhesive valve
Can be kept for 15 months


SKG certificaat
Thermal conductivity (Thermische geleidbaarheid ) λ10 = 0,035 W/(m.K)*
Air Permeability EN 12114: a<0,1m3 / [h .m.(daPa)2/3],
No measurable air permeability
Water vapour resistance factor µ = 22 Diffusion equivalent air layer thickness SD=0,4m
Fire Rating B2



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